Ultrasonic Flow Meter Helper

Ultrasonic flow meter complementary includes data logger software, data loggers, electromagnetic flow meter, turbine flow meter, thermal flow switch, and other NDT products.

Ultrasonic Distance Finder

  Ultrasonic distance meter utilizes ultrasonic time difference technology to measure distance,area and volume.Ultrasonic distance meter has function of laser location pointer,reading unit selection, auto power OFF,and etc.Ultrasonic distance meters are widely used for the measurement of building,house,etc. Technical Features *Store and display data used in area and volume calculation *Calculate sum,area and voluem *Imperial …

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Ultrasonic Cable Height Meter

Ultrasonic cable height meter uses ultrasonic technology to measure the cable height,overhead clearance and cable sag.With a horizontal accessory bracket,the ultrasonic cable height meter can measure deepness.For example,can be used for depth measurement of a well or elevator shaft. The cable height meter is handheld meter which is light and easy to use.With six buttons,the …

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Ultrasonic Level meters

Ultrasonic Level meters   Ultrasonic level meter is used to measure the level and location of liquid and materia. The application condition should ensure the ultrasonic wave to travel to the occasion of measured liquid or material surface effectively.Ultrasonic level meter can be used in store pot,material trough, well,pond,measuring case,ditch,granary,material storehouse,warehouse,etc…   Technical Features: 1.Integrated …

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Magnetostrictive Level Meters

Magnetostrictive Level Meters   Description Digital magnetostrictive level probe/meter is used for measuring fuel level height and it provides high precision. The probe has advantages such as steadiness,reliability, long-life,finished frame and strong adaptability. It can be installed at the top of tanks and the tank doesn’t need to be cleaned. So it also has advantages …

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General Purpose Electromagnetic Flowmeter

General Purpose Electromagnetic Flowmeter   Electromagnetic flowmeter is developed on the pinciple of the Farady Laws of induction which requests that the conduction of measured fluids should be bigger than 5u S/cm. Electromagnetic flowmeter can accurately measure the volumetric flow rate of conducted fluid in a close pipe. Electromagnetic flowmeter is mainly comprised of two …

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