Ultrasonic Level meters


Ultrasonic Level meters


Ultrasonic level meter is used to measure the level and location of liquid and materia. The application condition should ensure the ultrasonic wave to travel to the occasion of measured liquid or material surface effectively.Ultrasonic level meter can be used in store pot,material trough, well,pond,measuring case,ditch,granary,material storehouse,warehouse,etc…


Technical Features:

1.Integrated design, simply installed.

2. The big display screen of LDC is easy to observe and debuy.

3.Overlaod protection for voltage and current. Lightning protection design.

4.2 wire system that ensures the strong sound save is transmitting, make the measurement reliable and steady

5.ABS enclosure, airproof and alkali-resisting,meet the request of abominable environment.

6.Intelligent signal processing technology makes the instruments can work well in various of application.

7.Flexible installing by flange or screw

Technical Specification

Accuracy: 0.25% Full Span(in air)

Blanking Distance: 3-5%(F.S.)

Resolution Ratio Shown:

Measuring range:4m 6m 8m,  it is 1mm

Measuring range:8m(A)  10m 15m 20m 30m,  it is 1cm

Display and keys: 4-digit number LCD, 3EA key

Current Output Selection:

2 Wire 4-20mA(Max. 500Ohm)

3 Wire 4-20mA(Max. 500Ohm)

4 Wire 4-20mA(Max. 500Ohm)

Output Resolution: Range*0.03%

Relay Output Standard: 5A*250VAC/30VDC

Meausrement Peiord: 1second

User pressure range:-0.1MPa to +0.1MPa

Tempreature range:

Sensor: -20 to +85 Degree C

Controller: -20 to +60 Degree C

Temperature Compensation: the whole range is automatic.

Ultrasonic Beam Angle: 5(3db), 8(3db)

Power Supply:

Integrated type:24VDC(80mA)

Separated type: 24VDC or 220VAC(50mA)

Electrical Connections: Cable grand PG13.5

Cable Diameter: 6-12mm

Single Wire Diameter:0.5-1.78mm

Protection Class: Sensor: IP68, Controller: IP65

Case Material: ABS

Sensor Material: PVC


Water tank level measurement

Sewage disposal plant

Liquid storage tank level measurement

Beverage storage tank level measurement

Apart/Building water tank level measurement

Other level meter which can transmitt ultrasonic sound wave.

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