Question And solution In Using Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Question And solution In Using Ultrasonic Flow Meter


As ultrasonic flow meter is a high technology instrument product,users will unavoidably meet question in actual using. The following are often frequently met questions:

1.After used for some time, ultrasonic flow meter may alarm sometimes, this problem may be caused by ultrasonic flow meter transducers. For this question, the solution is to clean the transducer within certain period. Usually recommend to clean one time per year.

2. Ultrasonic flow meter by interrupted can’t work well at spot.
The reason may be wide fluctuation range of power supply or there is a frequency converter or strong magnetic field or the earth wire is not right.
Solution: Supply stable power; Far from frequency converter or strong magnetic field interruption; A right earth wiring.

3. Didn’t display after turning on.
Firstly confirm whether the power supply is right. Especially, don’t use AC power to DC power terminals.Otherwise ultrasonic flow meters will be burnt.
Secondly check the fuse wire whether is all right.
If the problems above are not up, it will return the flow mete to use for checking by our technicians.

4.Ultrasonic flow meter screen has back-light,but doesn’t display any characters.
The problem is software CPU information lost.Suggest to return to us for dealing.

5.Big fluctuation range of instantaneous flow.
The reason: A:Big fluctuation of signal strength. B: Flow itself has a big fluctuation range
Solution: Adjust transducer position to improve signal strength. If flow itself has big fluctuation range problem, it will need to select a new installing point.

6.Signal quality of insertion transducers is down after used for some time.
The reason: A: Transducers drift B:Incrustation is too thick to cover the emission layer of transducers.
Solution: Re-adjust transducer position; Clean the emission layer.


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