Technical question summary of ultrasonic flow meters

When using ultrasonic flow meters,users may meet some technical question. In order to help to use ultrasonic flow meters properly, the following are main technical question summary of ultrasonic flow meters.

1. When to use insertion ultrasonic flow meter?
1)When pipe size is bigger
2)There is liner material that ultrasond wave can’t panetrate
3)Heavy rusting of inner pipe wall
4)Pipe material is non-conductor of ultrasound wave
5)Clamp-on tranducers can’t get good signal or performance is not stable.

2.How to calibrate fixed type ultrasonic flow meter?
Can use portable ultrasonic flow meter. Firstly, send the portable flow meter to calibrate. After calibration,use the portable flow meter to calibrate the fixed type ultrasonic flow meter.

3.Calibration method of ultrasonic flow meter.
1)Volume method (containers method)
2)The weight method (weighing method)
3) Standard meter method. Standard meter is usually higher accuracy electromagnetic flow meters.

4.After used for a time, the signal of ultrasonic flow meter becomes poor,even no signal. What reason,and how to solve?
1)Grease couplant dry and need to replace a new one.
2)Rusted layer becomes thicker
3)More bubble and particle in fluid
4)Transducer position changed.
5)Pipe liner and inner pipe wall is isolated.
6)There is bubble or sundries between pipe wall and transducers.
7)Transducers aging
8)Poor connection between transducers and cable.
If meet the problem, user should find the solution according to the detailed problem.

5.In the using, the CPU may be damaged. What’s reason?
A bad connection to earth or doesn’t connect to the earth.

6.Why the reading of ultrasonic flowmeter is not stable?
1)Straight installing pipe section is not enough to meet installing request.
2)Fluid contains air bubble or other thing
3)Fault of ultrasonic flow meter

7.While installing and debugging ultrasonic flow meter, the flow value is suddenly positve or negative.What’s the reason´╝č
1)Flow direction is changed.
2)Big fluctuation of pipe pressure 
3)Problem of mainboard or sensor
4)Interruption existing

8.Signal of clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter is very poor,and flow reading is not stable. What’s reason and how to deal with?
1)Transducer installing positon is not right.
2)Wrong parameters setup
3)Pipes are used for too long and too old.
4)There is air bubble or bow wave
5)Pipe size is too big. Can consider using insertion transducers.

9.Protection class of main coverter and transducers.
Protection class of clamp-on transducers are IP68,which can work under water.Protection class of main converter is IP65 which can bear moist and rain,but can’t be immersed by water.

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