Dual Ultrasonic Water Meter

Digital dual path ultrasonic water meter

Dual-path ultrasonic water meter is developed on our latest digital signal process technology and can provide accurate flow measurement for water,sea water,sewage water, for other liquid, we can make special items by modifying calculation method of system software. The digital water meter has two channels for water flow metering and can ensure better performance than general ultrasonic water meter.

The dual-path water meter is made to follow the standard of ISO-4064-1:2005, IDT etc and used for bigger pipe size(>DN50mm) by battery power. With latest and special technology of ultrasound transmission phase and transit-time pricinple, the water meter is featured with high accuracy, low power consumption,wide flow measurement range, stable and reliable,etc.

The ultrasonic water meter adopts the IP68 part solution,which means each parts of water meters can reach IP68 protection class and even though the chamber of water meter has water, it can still work well.

With special technology and considerable design, the digital ultrasonic water meter solves the traditional problem of empty running and no calculation of small flow rate.The digital water meter can be widely used for city water supply pipeline,water resource management,building,irrigation, and meanwhile, it can be used for other industry application.

Technical Features:

1.Wide flow range

2.Low flow startup

3.Dual-path fluid layering measurement technology

4.Power saving design, e.g. will auto save power while empty pipe or long-term static fluid

5.Wholly IP68 protection class. Each part is sealed and even though has water in, it still works well

6. Versatile communication: TTL USART port is convenient for other low power consumption devices; Standard RS485 port;Infrared port; support CJ-188 communication protocol.

7. Support standard Modbus,M-bus, Hart communication protocol.

8. Online software updating function

9.Can be used as heat meter by equipped with 2-way PT1000 resistor

10.Various of units are optional as customers’ requirement, including cubic meter, USA gallon, cubic fee,liter.

11. Built-in batch controller can be operated by manual or set auto start up to control certain water supply or certain irrigation.

Technical Specification.:

1.Accuracy: class 2(sampling period:1s)

2.Measurement range ratio: >100, startup flow is lower than 0.006m/s

3.Fluid: water,sewage,sea water;other liquid can be made as request.

4.Fluid temperature: 0.1-30 Deg.C.

5.Pressure class: 1.6MPa/2.5MPa optional

6.Output: 2-way isolated OCT or TTL pulse;1 way 4-20ma

7.Power supply:built-in battery(3.6V) or 8-36VDC

8.Environment: Temp.:-10-45Deg.C.; Humidity<=100%RH

9.Communication interface: TTL USART/RS485/Infrared

10.Protection class: IP68

11. Current pipe range: DN50-DN300mm


DN50-DN150mm: Body material is casting ductile iron

DN200-DN300mm: Body material is welded carbon steel.


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