Installation Steps Of Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Installation Steps Of Ultrasonic Flow Meter



As an advanced flow measurement device,Ultrasonic flow meters can support transducers of clamp-on type,insertion type and in-line type.Ultrasonic flow meters have many good features: no moving parts,no pressure drop,no maintenance,wide measurement range,no damaging for pipes.

In order to ensure a good performance,it will need to install ultrasonic flow meters properly. The followings are installation steps of transit-time ultrasonic flow meters.

1.Make sure the straight installing pipe section length to meet the request: upstream straight section length should be bigger than 10D and downstream straight section length should be bigger than 5D,and the distance to pump should be over 30D.(Here D is the diameter of pipe.)

2.Make sure the flow is full of pipe and fluid type whether suitable.

3.Check the pipe material and pipe wall thickness(fully consider wall thickness of rusted layer)

4.Check the using years of pipes. If the pipe is used for about 10 years, it is better to use insertion ultrasonic flow meter even though the pipe is carbon steel material.

5.After confirmation of the four steps above, it will be able to decide which type ultrasonic flow meter be used.

6.Set up some parameters in flow meter to gain transducer installing distance calculated by ultrasonic flow meters.

7.Accurately measure transducer installing space.(Very important!!Because some users have a wrong measurement result which causes flow meter to have a poor accuracy.
7.1)For clamp-on transducers,it can have an estimated distance,then re-adjust the distance to gain proper signal quality and time ratio.
7.2)For insertion transducers, the transducer installation space is very important which will influence the accuracy of testing. So it is better to measure transducer installation space for several times to improve the accuracy.

8..Installing transducers-debug signal-make water-proof-clean cables up-clear the spot wastes-installation completed-acceptance signed

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