Standard Thermal Flow Switch


Standard Type Thermal Flow Switch


TFS-100 flow switch utilizes fully enclosed design and dampproof and water proof. The sensors are specially disposed and can be completely anticorrosion and antiscale which are widely existed in common flow switch. TFS-100 thermal flow switch is a promising flow switch which can be for pipe flow rate inspection and can be widely used in the industries of petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, water treatment, metallurgy, paper making, ships and boiler,etc.

TFS-100 thermal flow switch is developed on the principle of thermal exchanging and temperature difference and can be used for water,oil and air.Generally speaking, from principle,flow switches are divided into two kinds:mechanical way and inductive way, and thermal flow switch belongs to inductive way.Thermal flow switch has been one of the most optimally perfected and used flow switch now.

Technical Specification

1.Measure range:water:0-10m/s;oil:0-15m/s;air:0-30m/s

2.Working voltage:AC/DC110,AC/DC220V,DC24V

3.Power consumption:2W(DC24V),3W(AC/DC220V)

4.Setting way:potentiometer way(Free disassembly,operating potentiometer for setting by adjusting screw)

5.Output way: Idle contact output of relay,PNP output,NPN output,4-20mA output

6.Response time: 1-10s, typical value:2s

7.Initialization time:about 8s

8.Electric protection: For opposite phase,short circuit and over load

9.Contact point:1A/125VAC,2A/30VDC

10.Insulation Resistance:100MΩ/500VDC

11.Pressure-resistant range:100bar

12.Ambient temp.: general type: -20~80℃

high temp.type:0~+150℃

13.Enclosure material:304 stainless steel

14.Sensor material:316 stainless steel

15.Connection thread:G1/2″

16.Protection class: IP67

17.6LEDs for indicating fluid status

Technical Features:

1)Adjusting screw with design of water-proof  and no disassembly,avoids water leakage.Even though working in water, the flow switch can still work well.

2)Relay output,high contact capacity,PNP,NPN output optional.

3)Fully enclosure design,small size,easy to install,completely water-proof

4)Continuous adjusting for alarm point,LED indicating for flow rate,convinient to watch

5)Special disposing for sensor with anticorrosion&antiscale layer,longer life

6)Wide pipe size range and wide measurement range

7)High accuracy, small temperature drifting,good repeatability

8)High pressure-resistant,the Max can reach 10MPa,safe and reliable.


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