Future one in magnetic,turbine,ultrasonic flow meter

For liquid flow measurement, ultrasonic flow meter, electormagnetic flow meter and turbine flow meter are mostly used at present.They all belong to velocity type flow meter and can be powered by battery.So it will make a sense to compare them together.

1. Principle comparision and whether there are moving parts
Ultrasonic flow meters uses transit-time principle for clean liquid flow measurement and doppler principle for dirty liquid flow measurement. There is no moving parts
Electromagnetic flow meters are developed on the basis of Faraday’s electromagnetic induction law.There is no moving parts.
Turbine flow meters uses impeller to move for measuring flow rate.And there is moving parts.

2.Transducers and pipe size

Ultrasonic flow meters can support clamp-on,insertion and inline type transducers. Esepcially clamp-on transducers are unique type in all of flow meters.This transducers feature no pipe cutting,no pressure lose,no maintainance,etc.The max pipe size of our ultrasonic flow meter can reach DN6000mm.
Electroamgnetic flow meters can support insertion and inline transducers.And inline magnetic flow meters are mainly selling type, and the max pipe is DN1000mm, and cost is very high.
Turbine flow meters can also support insertion and inline transducers.And their max pipe size is DN200mm.

3.For liquid and gas flow measurement
Ultrasonic flow meters can measure liquid and gas flow.
Electroamgnetic flow meter can only measure liquid. The flow meter can’t measure ultra clean liquid.
Turbine flow meters can measure liquid and gas flow.

From the simple comparison above, it is obviousely found that turbine flow meters will slowly be abandoned.Electromagetic flow meters will continue to insist.Ultrasonic flow meters will develop better and better.In regard that ultrasonic flow meters can be used as ultrasonic BTU heat meter, and can be battery powered,ultrasonic flow meters will gain more and more market share.

As a professional manufacturer of ultrasonic flow meter,water meter,BTU heat meter,Abest will supply ultrasonic flow meters with good performance and low cost.

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