China plans to medical research on space lab module


In order to ensure astronauts’ healthy,China plans to make space medical experiment research on lab module of Tiangong-1 in the future space flight.

The first note is the healthy monitoring which will mainly contain moods,metablism, nutrition and biohythm in orbit.

The second note is about the physiological effects mechanism of weightlessness and the countermeasures that will contain vestibule and brain in the orbiting flight and the impact study on the functions of astronaut’s cardiovascular.Meanwhile, the bone loss will be studied in space.

The third note is on the astronaut’s operational capability in space and environmental medicine.

By making these experiments, China can gather data about the impact of weightlessness on the human body among other things.

China is doing the final preparations to send 3 astronauts into space by Shenzhou IX manned spacecraft.The launch platform and all control systems are ready.Fueling of the upgraded Long March-2F carrier rocket will start Friday afternoon.

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