General Selection Guide Of Ultrasonic Flow Meter

General Selection Guide Of Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Flow meter is a kind of complicated instruments. The most common flow meter should be water flow meter, also called as water meter which are widely used in houses.Ultrasonic flow meter belongs to the advanced flow measurement device in flow meter.

One important factor for flow meter is right type selection. And ultrasonic flow meter is the same. The following are some consideration factors to select ultrasonic flow meter:

1.What type ultrasonic flow meters will be needed, trans-time type or dopper type?

Transit time ultrasonic flow meter is mainly used for average liquid and doppler ultrasonic flow meter is for dirty fluid.

2.Portable ultrasonic flow meter or fixed type ultrasonic flow meter?
If you need to use one ultrasonic flow meter for many testing point and for flow survey and flow check, it will need portable flow meter or handheld portable flow meter.Because such ultrasonic flow meter is battery powered and has a built-in data logger.
If use ultrasonic flow meter for long term measurement, it will need fixed type ultrasonic flow meters.

3.What power supply available for ultrasonic flow meter?

Power supply of our ultrasonic flow meters can be AC power, DC power, battery power,solar power. So users can select different power supply as request.

4. What output request?
Our ultrasonic flow meters can supply various outputs:including OCT,frequency,Analogue(0-20mA), RS485 (MODBUS),data logger,etc.

5. If need thermal energy function
Based on our ultrasonic flow meters, we have developed ultrasonic heat meter,if uses need to measure temperature and thermal energy, they can order such function.

6.What transducers will be need?

Our ultrasonic flow meters can support transducers of clamp-on, insertion and in-line. Users can select proper type ultrasonic flow transducers as installing condition.

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