DC Current 4-20ma Data Logger

Based on our experienced technology in developing SD card or USB storing, our 4-20ma data loggers are equipped with USB port or SD card. 4-20ma or 0-20ma belongs to DC analog current signal and have been as the most universal signal standard in many industries and have been widely by various of devices. So 4-20ma data loggers are very necessary for 4-20ma devices to store related information and related data.4-20ma data logger with USB EN

4-20ma Data Logger for General Purpose

The 4-20ma data logger is designed for general purpose of 4-20m current reading and it can store 32,000 current reads with 64k bit. The data logger has a USB port to communicate with computer and a data management software can be provied to set parameters.

The data logge software can be installed on Windows XP,Vista, 7 or 8(34 and 64 bit). Becore using, users need to install USB driver and the software. Users can easily use the software to set the following:

1.Sampling period: 10s to 12h

2.Alarm for high/low limit


4.Download data to PC for further process: view,analysis, print or convert to other format,e.g. TXT,XSL,CSV,BMP,JPG.

5.Special professional software can be used to set visit password, set each channel to stop/close, input calibraiton value to each channel, close LED light for power saving, select sample format(average, immediate, Max and Min)

Technical specification:

1.Current measurement range: 4-20ma current

2.Accuracy: ±1%±1

3.Temp. shifting: neglacted

4. Sampling period: 10s to 12h

5. Start mode: press key to start at once

6. Stop mode:  Stop unitl memory up or as setting point

7. USB communication

8.Alarm for programmable high/low limit for each channel if required and save status

9.LED: red&green-status(delaying start,record,alarm,complete)

yellow-low power indication(software can close two LEDs for power saving)

10. Power: replacement battery 1/2AA 3.V Li-battery 1200mA/h( USB port can support power directly)

11. Battery life:(also decided by temperature and LED using)

About 2 years while 1m sample period

About 4 years while 4m sample period

About 8 years without storing task

12.Operating: 0-100%RH;-35 -80 Deg.C(-31 to 176 F)

13. Storing: 20%-60% RH;10-50 Deg.C(50-122 F) recommended

14.Enclosure material: ABS TPU

15.Weight:about 90g(3.19oz)

16.Water-proof: IP66


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