Ultrasonic Water Depth Meter

Ultrasonic Water Depth Measurement                           


The ultrasonic water depth meter is handheld portable depth detector,and used to measure the water depth of reservoir, lakes, rivers, shallow sea water, etc.While testing,the ultrasonic transducer is put on the water surface or on the certain position,then ultrasonic depth meter will automatically calcuate the water depth.The main converter has 99% SMT process which can ensure long term stable work and reduce power consumption.With LCD display,users can easily read the data value.Versatile outputs available.

The ultrasonic water depth meter has many features of accurate testing,low power consumption,easy to use and operation,quick testing speed,easy to take,etc. The depth meter can measure water depth on motionless water,and can also measure depth of moving water,and the water volecity can reach about 5m/s. The ultrasonic depth gauge is an ideal depth detector for hydrological, hydropower, river, lake, reservoir exploration and environment water monitoring,etc.

The ultrasonic water depth meter is widely used for hydrological, hydropower, reservoir area,channel survey, underwater terrain survey, underwater positioning, hydrographic (river) measurement, ship navigation and positioning,etc.

Technical Specifications:

*Measuring range:0-10m,0-30m, 0-50m,0-100m

*Dead Zone:<0.2m, <0.8m

*Resolution: 1mm

*Accuracy:Mesausre range*0.3%

*Display:LCD screen

*Working frequency:200-2000KHz(Optional)

*On-spot setting: set by keys

*Calibration: factory calibration. Spot calibration available.


*0-20mA,4-20mA(>300 ohm);0-5V;1-5V

*RS485(support Modbus)

*Switch output:Max 2 groups

Power supply

*Voltage:5 nos 1.5V AA batteries

*External Power:9vDC

*Normal power consumption:<0.5W

*Sleep power consumption:<5mW

*Dimension:202*100*35mm(main converter)

*Keypad:5 tacktile keys

*Enclosure: ABS(main converter),Stainless steel(sensor)

*Weight:421g(main converter),400-800g(sensor)

*Sensor cable: core:5-10mm,length:5m

*Working temp.:<=80%RH,non condensing

*Storing temp.:-40 to 70 Deg.C

*Working pressure: common


Technical Features:

*High cost-effective portable depth gauge

*Installed inside or outside of meidum and small boat ship’s rail,5 meters cable

*Mainly used for underwater positioning and depth measurement of sea,river and lake.

*Robust enclosure which can prevent noise of turbulent flow

*Excelent working status on high sailing speed of 63MPH (55Kn)

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