Ultrasonic Technology Application In The world

Ultrasonic technology has been developed and used for many years and have been widely in industries, but ultrasonic technology also has a wide application in people’s daily life. The following are main application listed.

1.Good directionality of ultrasonic

Because ultrasonic can transmit far, sonar is made to discover submarine and shoal of fish and can be used to measure the shape of the bottom of the sea.

2. Imaging of ultrasonic

Because of imaging feature of ultrasonic technology, hospital use B type ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus to check the situation of stomach and belly. Meanwhile, the B type ultrasonic apparatus can be used to measure the upgrowth situation of fetus.

3.Dopper ultrasonic technology for speed tester

Can use ultrasonic Doppler technology to develop velocity tester, and the tester is non-contact type and can be used to test the speed of vehicle by traffic police.

4.Violent vibration feature of ultrasonic for decontamination

With violent vibration feature ultrasonic, people make ultrasonic washer and used to decontaminate.

5. Ultrasonic technology can make plastic file friction to cause thermal energy for welding. Thus, ultrasonic welder is developed accordingly.

6.Transit-time and doppler ultrasonic technology.

Ultrasonic transit-time technology are used to developed ultrasonic flow meters for clamp-on flow measurement which doesn’t need to cut pipe and no need to contact fluid.It has been developed as an unique flow meters now.Transit-time ultrasonic flow meters mainly for average liquid.Ultrasonic water meter and ultrasonic heat meter is developed on the basis of transit-time ultrasonic flowmeters.Transit-time flow meters have portable flow meter,fixed type flow meters,etc. And doppler ultrasonic technology are also developed as doppler ultrasonic flow meters and mainly for dirty fluid flow measurement. Doppler flow meters can be developed as portable flow meter and clamp-on flow meter.

Ultrasonic technology also has many application, and will be a very promising technology.

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