Magnetostrictive Level Meters


Magnetostrictive Level Meters



Digital magnetostrictive level probe/meter is used for measuring fuel level height and it provides high precision. The probe has advantages such as steadiness,reliability, long-life,finished frame and strong adaptability. It can be installed at the top of tanks and the tank doesn’t need to be cleaned. So it also has advantages such as safety, convenience and fast installation.

The magnetostrictive level probe/meter is designed based on Magnetostrictive theory. The electronic units of the probe produce a low-voltage electric current ‘inquiring’ pulse, at the same time the pulse produces a magnetic field which travels downwards along the waveguide. Because there are a group of magnets which also produce a magnetic field inside the floater which is moving up and down with the change of the liquid level , so there are two magnetic fields in the Probe. When two magnetic fields meet, the waveguide will be twisted and one wave will be produced, we call it the ‘returning’ pulse. Then the electronic units detect the cycle from producing the pulse of  ‘inquiring’  to receiving the pulse of ‘returning’, i.e. the corresponding accurate change of liquid level. Installing temperature sensors inside the probe can make it detect and transfer the liquid temperature continuously at the same time.

Technical Specification

Measuring range: 0.3~6m(can customize according to user’s request)
Safety Barrier input voltage: DC24V/80mA
Communication protocol:RS485    Baud rate:2400BPS
Transfer distance: 1.5Km
Measuring accuracy: ±1mm
Repetition: 0.3mm
Resolution:  0.1mm
Nominal working pressure: 0~0.6MPa 0~1.6MPa 0~2.5MPa
Working medium density: 0.4~1.3g/cm3
The material of the probe and the Electronic Storehouse: 316L stainless steel probe
The probe is used for exactly measuring tanks and it had been applied in the fields of gas station,chemical industry,foodstuff and pharmacy.

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