General Purpose Electromagnetic Flowmeter


General Purpose Electromagnetic Flowmeter


Electromagnetic flowmeter is developed on the pinciple of the Farady Laws of induction which requests that the conduction of measured fluids should be bigger than 5u S/cm.

Electromagnetic flowmeter can accurately measure the volumetric flow rate of conducted fluid in a close pipe.

Electromagnetic flowmeter is mainly comprised of two parts: converter and transducers.The converter and transducers can be assebled into two version, integrated version and separated version. Integrated version means the converter and transducers are welded together, and separated version means the converter and transducers are divided and connected by cable.

Transducers is connected by flanges, and have different electrodes and lining materials for meeting different requirement.

The electromagnetic flowmeter has been widely used in many lines for measuring liquid flow rate.


Technical Specifications

1)Accuracy: 1%, 0.5% optional

2)Velocity range:0.3-10 m/s

3)Display: LCD display

4)Pipe size range:DN10-DN1000mm

5)Output: 4-20mA;pulse

6)RS485 port

7)Power supply: 85-265VAC or 18-36VDC

8)Power consumption: less than 10W

9)Pressure range:0.6-4.0MPa

10)Protection class: Transducers, IP67, converter:IP65

11)Ambient temperature:-20 to +50 Degree C

12)Fluid temperature: 0-70 Degree C, 0-120 Degree C,0-140 Degree C

13)Ambient humidity: 5%-90%

14) Lining material: Rubber, PTFE,Polyurethane,F46

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