Vibration Meter

The vibration meter is used for measuring periodic motion, and check the imbalance and deflecting of moving machinery. It is designed for measuring various mechanical vibration so as to provide the data for the quality control, running time and equipment upkeep. With the high-performance acceleration meter,it can realize the repetitiveness and accurate measurement. It also has the function of testing axle bearing situation.


1.Different vibraion frequency optional

2.High sensitivity probe for accurate measurement

3.Integrated type or separated type optional

4.Long and short probe available

5.Acceleration,velocity and displacement measurement

6.Rigid designs,and portalbe type for easy carrying and using.


Ref. Picture Technical SPec.
  vm6310 vibration meter 8310 Vibration meter

Velocity: 0.1-200mm/s( 10Hz to 1KHz )

Accuracy: <5%

Power supply: 4×1.5V AA(UM-3)battery

Auto power off

Battery indicator: low battery indicator

Max hold

Operating conditions:0-+40℃(32℉-104℉),≤90%RH

Dimensions : 160x68x32mm

weight: 181g(not including battery)

vm6320 vibration meter 8310 Vibration meter

Acceleration 0.1-200m2/s (10 to 1KHz/10 to 10KHz)

Velocity: 0.1-200mm/s0. (10Hz to 1KHz)

Displacement: 0.001-2.0mm(10Hz to 1KHz)


Auto power off

Max hold

Operating conditions:0-+40℃(32℉-104℉),≤90%RH

Power supply: 4×1.5V AA(UM-3)battery

Battery indicator: low battery indicator

Dimensions : 160x68x32mm

weight: 181g(not including battery)

AR63A Vibration meter                                            AR63B Vibration meter

AR63A Vibration Meter                                                                                    AR63B vibration Meter


The vibration meter is designed with piezoelectric effect of artificial polarized ceremic and is suitable for conventional vibration measurement of machinery device and especially for the vibration measurement of revolving machinery.The vibration meter can measure velocity,acceleration and displacement,which has been widely used in many industries,e.g.electric power metallurgy,general aviation field and mechnical manufacturer.


1)Measure Range

Acceleration:0.1-199.9m/s2(peak value, rms*v2)

Velocity:0.1-1999.9mm/s(rms,rms value)

Displacement:0.001-1.999mm(peak-peak value, rms*2v2)

2)Freqency Range




3)Accuracy:+/-5% or 2 digits

4)Power Supply:9V alkaline battery

5)Display: LCD with 3.5 digits

6)Single output: AC output 2V peak(display full scale),

Load impedance 10K ohm or more

earphones can be connected

7)Static current: <=20uA

8)Operating current: <=25uA

9)Operating Humidity: 30-90% RH


The only features for AR63B

1.Detached design and easy to use

2.Maximu value held function

3.Environment temperature display.


The vibration meters with data logger function are available.

The vibration transmitters or sensors are also available.

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