Ultrasonic Cable Height Meter

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Ultrasonic cable height meter uses ultrasonic technology to measure the cable height,overhead clearance and cable sag.With a horizontal accessory bracket,the ultrasonic cable height meter can measure deepness.For example,can be used for depth measurement of a well or elevator shaft.

The cable height meter is handheld meter which is light and easy to use.With six buttons,the cable height meter provides fast and effective measurement without special training.The users just need to stand blow the cable and have no any direct touch to cables and wires.Thus,the ultrasonic cable height meter ensures safety measurement way with a good accuracy.

Technical Features

1.Up to 6 cables measured at a time
2.Easy operation,easy to aim at the measuring position and reading
3.Measurement of wire spacing and clearance
4.Recording measuring parameters:location,time and temperature
5.Different use for cables
6.With a larger sensor,higher accuracy can be ensured than the existing cable height meters in market
8.Measuring dimension of house and distance between objects

Electricity cable,communication cable, power cable,tram/train power supply cable sag status measurement,elevator shafts, depth of wells.

Technical Specification
Accuracy:0.5% ± 2 digits
Measurement ranges:
3 ~ 30m (cable diameter > 25mm)
3 ~ 15m (cable diameter > 12mm)
Horizontal Measurement range:3-18m
Minimum gap between wires:150mm
Operation temp.range:-10 to 40 Deg C.
Power supply: 9V Alkaline battery
3 ~ 12m (cable diameter > 5.5mm)
3 ~ 10m (cable diameter > 2.5mm)

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