ultrasonic flow meter

Transducer Cable of Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Transducer cable of ultrasonic flow meter is specially designed and manufactured by professional cable company. The cable is 2-core high frequency double twisted cable with copper shielded layer. The cable has a good performance in anti-jamming. Its main specification 1).RF coaxial¬†cable: ¬†stable performance of video performance and stability of mechanical properties of coaxial cable transmission; …

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Low Cost Ultrasonic Flow meter/Heat Meter

Low cost ultrasonic flow meter is developed from the actual requirement of provincial class projects which required plenty of low cost clamp on flow meters,but at that time,there was no such product at that time,thus, we released the products in about 2008.And current version flowmeter has been the second generation and have won positive feedback from our customers. The low cost flowmeters can support full set of flow transducers and almost have the same powerful function as other main selling flowmeters. Meanwhile, the flowmeters can be functioned as ultrasonic heat meter.

Ultrasonic Insertion Flow Meter

Insertion ultrasonic flowmeter is different from other types insertion flow measurement devices which are usually supplementary of Inline flowmeters as insertion type can’t ensure good performance than inline meters. But for ultrasonic meters, its main selling is clamp on type, so insertion version usually have a better performance than clamp on type. Meanwhile, while pipe size is a little bigger, inline ultrasonic meters will have a big shipping cost, thus, insertion ultrasonic flowmeters have its own important position.With our special hot-tap installing tools, our insertion flowmeters can be installed without flow stop when pipe pressure is below 0.8MPa.

Wall Mounted Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Wall mounted ultrasonic flow meter has been one of the most popular type in product line of ultrasonic flow meters and have been developed for several generation. The wall mounted unit can support AC and PC power supply. With rugged die casting aluminum enclosure, the protection class can reach IP65 and can be used in many harsh environment. The flowmeter has versatile output,e.g. 4-20ma, relay switch signal, RS485(Modbus,M-bus), pulse output, frequency output. Also we have added built-in SD data logger to the meter which supports SD card of 1G-8G. The data is stored in *.TXT file which is easy to process.

Handheld Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Handheld ultrasonic flowmeter is designed for liquid accurate flow measurement and flow survey.Handheld flow meter has built-in rechargeable battery and built-in data logger. The built-in data logger can store 2000 lines of data and with our data logger software, and the storing data can be exported to EXCEL file on PC for further processing. The handheld meter has a standard RS232 port for data output. If your computer has no RS232 port, you can use RS232 USB converter. With compact size ABS enclosure, the flowmeter is real handheld type and very light to carry.

Economic Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Economic ultrasonic flowmeter was designed to be as supplement for din-rail mounted low cost ultrasonic flowmeter. It is housed inside an die casting aluminum enclosure and the enclosure is IP68 water-proof.It is only DC24V with isolated RS485 port which can support Modbus protocol. The flowmeter can also support full set of flow sensors. It has a wire port to supports 4-core wire which can be used for DC power supply and RS485 communication. The first generation has no local keys and need to use RS485 operator to set related parameters,but the second generation is equipped with local 4 keys for parameters setup. However, as its market position is not clear, it has been stopped several years ago.

Ultrasonic Inline Flowmeter

Ultrasonic flowmeters are famous for its unique clamp on feature, but it doesn’t mean ultrasonic can’t have inline flowmeters. Inline type should be the universal type of flow meters,so ultrasonic meter is no exceptional. Our inline flowmeters can cover pipe size from DN15-DN1000mm. From DN15-DN40mm, we have spool-peace flange type and thread connection type, and the former is stainless steel body and can be used for industry.The latter is usually used for home and residential application. For DN50-DN1000mm, it is flange connection type and default body material is carbon steel, but 304&306 stainless steel material is optional.

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