Transducer Cable of Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Sensor cable of ultrasonic flow meter

Transducer cable of ultrasonic flow meter is specially designed and manufactured by professional cable company. The cable is 2-core high frequency double twisted cable with copper shielded layer. The cable has a good performance in anti-jamming.

Its main specification

1).RF coaxial cable:  stable performance of video performance and stability of mechanical properties of coaxial cable transmission; uniform impedance and  strong anti-interference ability

2).Outer diameter of cable: 7 mm

3).Conductor bare copper:7/0.32

4).Braided bare copper wire of shielded layer:




The three specifications above is selected as request. All of three can be used with ultrasonic flow meter’s transducers.



The cable can be as tinned conductor or tinned braiding.

Many flow meters companies have adopted the cable type,and it is also widely used for communications, broadcasting, computer; hydrology detector transmission,etc.

If the application has no interference source or transducer cable length is not too long, users can use common 2-core or 3-core cable with shielded layer or RVVP shielded layer cable.

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