Economic Ultrasonic Flowmeter

economic ultrasonic flow meter

Economic Clamp on Ultrasonic Flowmeter
Very low cost,advanced transit-time technology for accurate flow measurement

Please kindly note we have stopped manufacturing this product now. We recommend low cost ultrasonic flowmeter for substitution.

The economic type is an ultrasonic flowmeter that clamps on to the outside of a pipe. It provides easy and low cost installation by clamping to the outside of existing piping systems.It is designed to replace mechanical flowmeters in applications where liquid conditions tend to damage or impede mechanical flowmeter operation.

Though the economic ultrasonic flowmeter looks small, but it is very smart,and it can also support our various of flow transducers to meet different application. Its core part is the same as our main selling type flow meters. So users will have powerful digital ultrasonic flowmeter with a very low cost ownership. With a rugged metal enclosure, its water-proof protection class can reach IP68.

Technical Features:

1)Very low cost
2)No-intrusive,no pipe disturbance,no moving parts,no pressure drop,low maintenance
3)Compact enclosure
4)Suitable for all common used pipe materials
5)Can be clamped on the pipe
6)Highly efficient ultrasonic transmission and highly sensitive ultrasonic receiving
7)Can support all kinds of transducer,including clamp-on type(high temperature type and standard type),insertion type, flow cell type
Technical Specification:
1)High accuracy,better than ± 1%
2)Temperature range:-40C to 150C
3)Isolated 24V DC power supply
4)Wide pipe size range:1″-240″(DN25mm-DN6000mm)
5)Wide measurement range:0.03-105ft/s(0.01-32m/s)
6)Isolated RS485 output(MODBUS protocol),can extend a 4-20mA output
7)2×10 digit back-light LCD display.
8)Small size,PCB only 36*92mm
9)Optional keyboard module operator or a free parameters setting program
10)Working current:50mA
11)Low power consumption,less than 1.2W
12)For flow measurement,display positive, negative and net totalizers
13)Protection class:IP68
14)Recording function:    Automatically record the following information:
※The totalizer of the last of 512days/128months/10years
※The time and corresponding flow rate of the last 32 times of power ON/OFF events.
Allow manual and automatic flow loss compensation.



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