HART Modem By RS232/RS485

HART Modem RS232.RS485

Hard modem is developed on the basis of HART protocol physical signal (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) and RS 232/RS485 serial signal. They converter with each other. The Hart modem follows the international standard of Bell202 and fully suitable for HART protocol transmission. With clear data converting, it can ensure the accuracy and reliability of data. The Hart modem can be used with various of HART protocol communication software which support RS232/RS485 port.

The Hart modem can make serial port have ability to communicate with Hart device. Equipped with Hart modem, if your instruments or device have no Hart protocol, but have serial port(RS232 or RS485), it can still work with Hart devices. Usually, Hart protocol borrows the 4-20mA wire for its communication. Of course, if your devices can support 2-wire 4-20mA, you can use our Hart modem by 4-20mA wire. If you have such request, please feel free to contact us.

Technical Features:

1.Hardware convertion, no delay, high speed.

2.No need RTS to control receiving and sending. Automatically make the convertion inside

3.Both support RS232(DB9) and RS485.

4.RS232 port: standard 9 holes

5.RS485 port: standard RS485+,RS485-

6.Half duplex communications(1200, ODD,8,1)

7.No CPU, so no crash.

Technical specification:

1. Power supply: DC8-36V

2.Power consumption: less then 1W

3.Temperature: -25~+70 Degree C.

4.Enclosure meterial: aluminium

5.Dimensions: 81×66×26mm

6.Installing way: fixed by four screws

7.HART port: resistor 240 Ohm, current:4-20mA

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