Ultrasonic Insertion Flow Meter


Insertion flow meter


Hot-tap installing tools for installing insertion flow meter without flow stop while pressure<0.8MPa.

MODBUS Protocol and HART Protocol and Meter-bus Protocol optional.

2-way 3-wire PT100 resistor for thermal energy measurement, higher accuracy and lower cost.


(1).Very good long-term stability and reliability
(2).Pipe size range:DN80-DN6000mm
(3).Wide flow range 0.03 to 105ft/s
(4).Suitable for all commonly used pipe materials
(5).High accuracy (better than ±1%, and could reach to ±0.5% with calibration)
(6).High quality signal. Robust performance
(7).Flexible installation. Easy to remove transducer
(8).GPRS / GSM networking capability with certain model
(9).For pipe size 3″ (DN80) or larger
(10).Ideal for both clean and opaque liquid flow measurements
(11)Temperature range:0-150C
(12)If pipe material can’t be welded directly, it will special fixing strap.
    The welding base material of insertion transducers is stainless steel and carbon steel for choice.Please indicate while order.

Ultrasonic insertion flow meter employs a pair of insertion-type ultrasonic transducers to measure the flow by inserting the transducers into the pipe wall. The transducers doesn’t need to extrude into the flow, thus, do not generate any disturbance or pressure drop to the flow. Comparing with a clamp-on flowmeter, the biggest advantages of our wetted-type flowmeter are its long-term stability, better signal quality and less installation uncertainty. That two features can also be understood as higher performance.
The ultrasonic insertion liquid flowmeter is designed for pipe larger than 3” (DN80mm). For smaller pipe, you may consider using inline type flowmeters which contains two models: one is spool-piece type and the other is standard inline flange connection version.When pipe size becomes smaller, the ownership cost of ultrasonic inline flowmeters will go down.
The Insertion flowmeter is ideal for flow surveys and closed-pipe applications, such as normal water flow measurement (hot/chill water, city water, sea water), sewage and sludge measurement, and measurements of oil (crude/diesel/fuel), chemicals (alcohol, acids, etc.), beverage, and many other liquids.

For the insertion transducers, it mainly includes two parts,one is main converter,which we recommend wall mounted unit or low cost unit, and the insertion transducers mainly includes standard insertion type and cement insertion type.

Optional transducers:(For pipe size>80mm)
For samller pipe below DN40mm, we recommend to choose spool piece or flow cell type ultrasonic flow meter.

Vertical type insertion transducerFor pipe size 3″ (DN80) or largerMedium temp.:-40C -160CInstalling space>550mm Insertion type for cement pipesFor pipe size 3″ (DN80) or largerMedium temp.:-40C -160CInstalling space>700mm

We are developing new version wall mounted unit and will add some good funtion to it which may be a good help for internation selling.

1.Built-in SD data logger can support 1G-4G memory.

Interval time can be set from 1s to 24 hour.

Up to 22 options can be selected for data logging.

2.HART(4-20mA) or HART(RS485) is optional

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