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  • Mini Anemometer

    Mini Anemometer

      Mini Anemometer-801.802          Mini anemometer has a light compact design with low power consumption.Easy to take and can put it in pocket. A key operation,simple and quick operation. Technical… Continue reading

  • Good Features Of Ultrasonic Technology Application

    Good Features Of Ultrasonic Technology Application   As the quick development of ultrasonic technology, ultrasonic technology has been widely used in many industries, and many machinery and device are made… Continue reading

  • Ultrasonic Technology In Daily Life

    Ultrasonic technology has been developed and used for many years and have been widely in industries, but ultrasonic technology also has a wide application in people’s daily life. The following… Continue reading

  • Vibration Meter

    Vibration Meter

    The vibration meter is used for measuring periodic motion, and check the imbalance and deflecting of moving machinery. It is designed for measuring various mechanical vibration so as to provide… Continue reading

  • Digital Pressure Test Gauge

    Digital Pressure Test Gauge

    Digital Pressure Test Gauge   The ABTDPG 100 Digital Pressure Test Gauge is manufactured with solid state sensor technology. It allows for all the ease of use of a dial… Continue reading

  • Ultrasonic Flowmeter For HVAC Management

    Ultrasonic Flowmeter Applied in HVAC   For the flow measurement of HVAC(Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning and Cooling)systems, there are many kinds of flow transducers and flow meters for choice, these flow… Continue reading

  • How to keep water resource clean and clear?

    Water is very improtant for the whole humen being. Prevention and treatment of water contamination need every one to act initiatively.Except needing governments to establish rules and laws, and every people… Continue reading

  • Ultrasonic technology device for home saving water

    In recent years domestic water price has been raising, which drow people’s much attention to save water. According to research from some countries, about 80% of household using water is… Continue reading