Good Features Of Ultrasonic Technology Application

Good Features Of Ultrasonic Technology Application


As the quick development of ultrasonic technology, ultrasonic technology has been widely used in many industries, and many machinery and device are made with ultrasonic technology.These ultrasonic devices are also widely applied in many different industries, for example, auto industry,electronic industry,household electrical appliance industry,office supplies,packaging industry,medical industry,toy industry,non-woven clothing,etc.

Why ultrasonic technology has such wide application, it is because ultrasonic technology has many good features as below:

1.Comparing with other audible sound waves,ultrasonic works more quietly,and people can’t hear its sound,this point is specially important in high-strength application.Although audible sound waves can have a better role in doing high-strength working,but audible sound waves cause unbeatable noise.So ultrasonic technology is more welcome.

2.Ultrasonic technology has a better directionality,and the stronger, the higher frequency.This feature can be used in the flaw detecting and sound communication under water.

3.Ultrasonic plays an important role in lower thickness measuring and high resolution flaw measurement.With this features,ultrasonic thickness gauge and ultrasonic flaw detector are developed and made.

4.Clamp-on features of transit-time and doppler ultrasonic technology.With the feature, clamp on ultrasonic flow meter and doppler flowmeter are also developed.Meanwhile,doppler ultrasonic technology is also used in the hospital.

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