How to keep water resource clean and clear?

Water is very improtant for the whole humen being. Prevention and treatment of water contamination need every one to act initiatively.Except needing governments to establish rules and laws, and every people should keep our water resource clean so as for more beautiful life.

The following steps can help us to protect water resource clean:

1)Water conservation and recycle using,for example, water that is used to wash the hands or rice can also water the flowers and mop the floor.

2)Invoid having the picnic or playing or swimming around and in the water reservoirs.

3)When we ramble around the countryside with our friends, pls kindly pick up rubbish from the ground

4)Don’t throw oil contamination into our beautiful river or sea.

5)It is must to discharge industrial water after treatments.

6)Recycling paper can be used agagin. They can be made the pulp and recycled paper again.The working process can save six times the amount of water used.Recycling paper will save much expenses.

7)Recycle glass: all the recycling glass can be made into new glassware.The productive process will reduce 20% air pollution, 50% water contamination,and also about 32% energy consumption,because its fusing point is lower.

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