China enhances the investment for water resource

According the Chinese national class paper of People Daily on Jan 24th,2011,China will invest 2 trillion Chiese yuan for building water resource facilities within next  5 years.

The report said Chinese government will focus on water resource project in easily influenced place and those project will help to improve people’s living environment. In order to finish the investiment, the nation will take out of 10% of rural land transfter payments to build the agricultural water project in the future.

The government have paid about 700 billion Chinese yuan for building water resource infrastructure during the 11th-five year plan(2006-2010), especially in 2010, has been invested more than 200 billion yuan on water resource facilities.

Those project helped to solve drinking-water safety problems for about 210 million residens through the country. And during the past 5 years, Chinese effective irrigation areas saw a net increse of about 3.3 million hectares.


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