Ultrasonic Flowmeter For HVAC Management

Ultrasonic Flowmeter Applied in HVAC


For the flow measurement of HVAC(Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning and Cooling)systems, there are many kinds of flow transducers and flow meters for choice, these flow meter products may include ultrasonic flow meter,electromagnetic flow meter,mass flow meter, turbine flow meter and vortex flow meter, thermal mass flowmeter and coriolis mass flowmeter.

Comparing with flow device, it is easier to measure temperature.

HVAC system is shorted for heating, ventilation and air conditioning and and their related control system.In order to make HVAC system work well and accuractely, users need to know some important values,for example, the measured value of flow rate and temperature,energy are very important

As HVAC is involved with heating and cooling, the energy consumption will be inevitable and very huge, as a result, the cost will be very big. In order to reduce the cost at utmost, it will be very necessary to have an accurate control for the system process.

Abest ultrasonic flow meters have built-in energy measurement function and can support PT100 resistor for temperature and energy measurement.So when equipped with clamp-on PT100 resistors, the HVAC stystem will be the whole’clamp-on’for flow,temperature and energy measurement.

The widely known feature of ultrasonic flow meter is its clamp-on way transducers installing.Clamp-on installing way doesn’t need to cut process pipe,so it don’t damage the pipe and can avoild the leakage of fluid and can also ensure HVAC work stably. Clamp-on way is no pressure loss, and almost no maintenance in the future.

With clamp-on installing way, the transducers can be mounted without flow stop and don’t influence the normal using. To some extent, try to consider selecting ultrasonic flow meters if the application condition allows.

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