Ultrasonic technology device for home saving water

In recent years domestic water price has been raising, which drow people’s much attention to save water.

According to research from some countries, about 80% of household using water is used to make cooking,wash clothes,flush toilets,take bath and so on.Thus, the emphasis of saving water are to improve kitchen cleaning equipments, making full using of water-saving equipments and recycling domestic sewage water.

And the largest part of water for home is used for washing daily necessities, for example food, utensils, clothes and so on.Thus, America, Germany, Janpan and some other countries are implementing homg using ultrasonic washing products step by step.

When ultrasonic wave transmits through water,it will press liquid to virate and produce strong shock wave at high frequency.The shock wave can demage the dirt structure on the layer of cleaning things.At last,the dirt thing on the layer will be cleared down.

By advanced ultrasonic wave technology, huge clean water resource can be save for other more important lines.

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