How to save water in daily life

We were taught to save water since we were kids, but do you know how to save water in daily life? The following are detailed methods as below:

1.While washing the dishes by hand and rinsing, don’t always turn on the water faucet. You may use a basin to hold water, and then wash things in the basin.

2.Turn on your dishwasher only when it is full, which can save about 1000 gallon water each month.

3.Check your water meter, and make records for your water consumption.

4.While washing some things, use a basin or water storage to hold some water, don’t directly use flowing water from water faucet.

5.Water your home greenery with washed water.

6.Install a water saving closestool.

7.Use a special cup for drinking water which can avoid washing times.

8.Teach your kids to turn off water faucet tightly after using.

9.When washing the clothes, use proper water quantity for your clothes.

10.While cleaning your kitchen utensils, you can use water to bubble them, instead use flowing water from water faucet.

11.At business car washing spot, use recycling-again water to wash car.

12.When you brush the teeth, don’t always make water flow.

13.Encourage your relatives, friends to help to announce the thought of saving water.

14.Instead of using water soft tube, you may use broom to clean your lane, sidewalk and other place at your home.

15.Find a proper washing place for your pets, for example, on the lawn or under big tree.

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