Very Small Ultrasonic Cleaner Released

Very small size ultrasonic cleaner
Very small size ultrasonic cleaner

Gold and silver jewelry, trinkets, or take your contact lens, even teeth, these things are dirty, should be how to clean? Well, read the title of the article you should have guessed the answer.

Famous citizen watch brand has recently launched an ultrasonic wash SWS701, how it works is similar to the advanced optical shop of professional cleaning equipment, which uses ultrasonic vibration water, bubble, bubble burst vibrations to remove dirt end.

SWS701 sells 6,664 yen (about 453 Yuan), ultrasonic cleaning just pressing the button, and more in-depth than the small brush small cracks, very suitable for watches, jewellery, CD/DVD, and dentures, precision objects such as razor.

Diameter of 12cm, and high of 11cm, male hand can easily hold up to it. With power supply only 520g, appears to be an almost bring travel size. A little regret simply because the head is too small, glasses cannot put the whole, washed also was sent to the shop. Wash casings can be replaced, single wash trough at 4,000 yen (about 272 Yuan) per cent.

If want home use, this ultrasonic cleaning should be the best scene is clean dentures. Wash tank was able to put a row of dentures, poured into the cleaning powder directly on the switch, both the teeth and the metal parts of the teeth and so on all can clean very clean. If the family has more than one person uses false teeth, just buy a few wash tank. In addition, the cleaning strap, jewelry, watches and even razor blades have no problem, usually clearing up troublesome little things can a brain washed white, easy feel like?


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