Trend of Ultrasonic Application Brought By Bats

As business and market awareness of the ultrasonic technology growing, ultrasonic programme gained favor. Kai-Fu Lee’s innovation first O2O incubation project “pudding” graduating in September of this year, coupon use new 3 version “cuckoo” audio verification system, known as “hear” the coupon!

Compared with the NFC, ultrasonic advantage is very low cost and good compatibility. Phone itself with ultrasonic receiving and sending capabilities, so almost all smartphones on the market you can support without upgrading of ultrasonic communication, it is relevant to user needs, and used for all types of occasions, including outdoors.
As an ultrasonic bat mobile payment application, compared to only use ultrasonic completed coupon and e-voucher issued by validation, log off, or pudding, with increased emphasis on security and reliability of transmission. Ultrasonic bat mobile payments using the ultrasonic frequency, excluding speech noise and white noise interference in the environment, while ensuring the reliability of communication and concealment, transfer of the Fund management to ensure security.
Chengdu currently thousands of “bat Mo cubic ultrasonic mobile payment acceptance points” are being installed and placed before the bats at the merchant checkout machines are still in use. A number of users have experienced ultrasonic pay convenient and stylish, interested friends, available from the Android app store, APP Store, and Mo cube Web site download “Mo cube” mobile client, experience the convenience of technology consumption!

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