Non Invasive & Non Intrusive Flowmeters

As technology development, industry and daily life mention some stricter and special request for instruments control and monitor.As a most basis instrument device,flowmeter has no exception. Out of some certain purpose, some industry field don’t hope to cut pipe to install flow devices and hope to have a flow measurement way which doesn’t need to cut pipe and doesn’t need to contact liquid directly. Such flow devices are usually called as non invasive type or non intrusive type or non contact type or clamp on flowmeter,and these flowmeters are finally released after ultrasonic technology’s development.

With its unique clamp-on sensors, ultrasonic flowmeters can be easily installed onto pipe surface and doesn’t need to cut pipe to install its flow transducers. Thus, ultrasonic flowmeters with clamp-on sensors are real non invasive,non intrusive flowmeters. Take electromagnetic flowmeters as example, magnetic flow meters have two kinds of flow sensors, the most often used is inline flow sensors and the other is insertion flow transducers. No matter which flow insertion transducers, it will need to cut pipe and flow sensors will need to contact liquid directly.

In the past, ultrasonic flowmeters,especially transit-time(time of flight) flowmeters have a very high price though many industries want to use ultrasonic flowmeters. Thanks to Abest’s unique technology and powerful cost control, their transit-time flowmeters are well sold in many countries and area with good performance and low cost. In order to meet various request,Abest developed different type ultrasonic flowmeters,which includes portable flowmeters,handheld flowmeters, wall mounted flowmeters, desktop flowmeters,low cost flowmeters,etc. When equipped with clamp-on sensors, they will be real non invasive flowmeters. Of course, Abest not just have clamp-on sensors,they also have inline sensors and insertion sensors.

As a representative of non invasive flowmeters, ultrasonic flowmeters have been widely used in the following industries:


1. Water, sewage (with low particle content) and seawater
2. Water supply and drainage water
3. Power plants (nuclear power plant, thermal and hydropower plants)
4. Heat energy, heating system, heat supply
5. Metallurgy and mines
6. Petroleum and chemicals
7. Food and pharmaceutical
8. Marine operation and maintenance
9. Energy economy supervision and water conservation management
10. Pulp and paper industry
11. Pipeline leak detection
12. Regular inspection, tracking and collection
13. Energy measuring and balance
14. Network monitoring systems and energy/flow computer management

If you have such request,please feel free to contact us.Our technicians will recommend solution as your request.

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