Famous Instrument Corporation Expanding Investiment in China

Instruments and meters enterprises of foreign capital began to change as a sole form of investment. These changes mainly in
two areas, one excellent production began to focus on mergers and acquisitions of domestic enterprises, the second is
contract manufacturing is increasing.

The last one or two years, foreign companies are extensive contacts with domestic excellent enterprise, takeover intentions.
But success is not that much. To date, the domestic well-known enterprises only, Xinhua company part of the instrumentation
industry, was acquired by GE. But according to people familiar with believe that this acquisition has not brought rapid
development to Xinhua after being acquired.

In fact, foreign acquisitions of domestic companies is not easy. At present, growing government support to instrument
industry last year and the first half of this year, 6 meters has been set up by the Ministry of science and technology research
topics, government financial support of more than 100 million Yuan. This unprecedented support, excellent instrument
manufacturing companies have a broader space for development.

In addition, introduced in an increasing number of foreign companies in the domestic production of processed, is looking for
domestic enterprises such as Siemens, Honeywell, commissioned the production of their products. Dong Jingchen said that
this instrument of domestic manufacturing enterprises, is a good thing, you can delegate in the production process, according
to the quality requirements of the internationally renowned companies, and constantly enhance their existing skills. The most
typical example is, as Siemens contract manufacturing unit of Electromagnetic Flowmeter, a Chinese company currently own
manufacture of electromagnetic flow meters has also started exporting products to Europe.Meanwhile, many advanced high-
technology comnany have exported their products to oveaseas market and have gained a good market sharing in
international market,e.g. Abest Technology’s ultrasonic flow meters and its related products are well sold in many countries
and areas.

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