Stable Growth of Flow Meter Instruments

The country’s main energy comes from coal, emissions from coal combustion flue gas seriously affect human life, or even threaten the living environment. To resolve this problem, right from the start, control of gas emissions. Flow meter as an important part of energy measuring instrument, and combined flue gas analyzers for continuous emission monitoring systems, provide a basis for quantitative control of the amount of pollution data, at the same time, emission control is an indispensable tool for the job.

To currently weizhi, flow instrument application range very widely, metallurgical, and power, and coal, and chemical, and oil, and traffic, and building, and textile, and food, and medicine, and agricultural, and environmental protection and the people everyday life, national economy all area, are occupies important status, in process automation instrument and device in the, flow instrument has two large function: as process automation control system of detection instrument and measurement material number of total table.

In the 21st century will usher in a century of the life sciences and bio-tech industries characterized by a rapid development. Biotechnology substances need to measure in many, such as blood, urine, and the difficulty also increases the measuring instruments in the field of research and development.

In 2011, the Chinese flowmeter market performed well, municipal, chemical, petrochemical and other key applications driven by good growth year on year for 17.8% rapid growth. Mass flowmeters electromagnetic flowmeter and flow meter market overall is still the main application types.

Mass flow meter is mainly used in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical trade settlement, very focused, Petro-chemical, oil and gas industry-driven than is raised by 2%.

Electromagnetic flow meters are mainly used in municipal, chemical, metallurgy, three 62.5% share. Market growth is good, but because of the participation of suppliers more competitive prices and falling profits year after year, growth obviously weaker than quality and vortex flowmeters,

Turbine flowmeters /Vortex flowmeters for measuring environmental impact, limited conditions, flow meter market remained stable in the whole, but in the city, the oil and gas industry and outstanding performance, with 22.6% growth rate ranks second.

Ultrasonic flow meters also become popular in Chinese domestic market and witness a great growth, especially ultrasonic flow meters with Abest Technology’s products.

Other traditional flow meters, such as pressure differential, rotameter, gear type flowmeter, etc. owing to low technical threshold, domestic manufacturers in the production of numerous, intense price competition, resulting in anemic sales growth, reduced yearly small proportion.

The rise of the Chinese economy will attract more and more foreign enterprises to participate in the competition in the domestic market share, competitors for domestic enterprises, the increase is not a good thing, challenges are critical in how to improve their competitiveness, how to develop innovative ability is essential. Future market enterprises also need to look at the present allocation of power in the hope that one day, “import substitution” can really be achieved, on the domestic market is no longer just foreign scenery beautiful.

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