Only 4.8% Growth of Flowmeter in 2012 in China

Exports of controlled slowdown in GDP, investment, monetary tightening, dispirited 2012 keywords of China’s manufacturing industry, flowmeter market in China under the background of this economic environment also said goodbye to 2011 years of high growth, 4.8% growth in only.

Ultrasonic flow meters, mass flow meters respectively and 10.4% growth, grew less than other types of 5%

Ultrasonic flowmeters benefit from the “Twelve-Five” of oil and gas pipeline network to speed up construction of fast-growing, year on year growth 10.4%; mass flowmeters because its application to oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical industry growth is good, its stable growth, year on year growth 9.3%. Mature applications such as magnetic, Vortex flowmeter market growth is weak, the rate of growth at around 2%.

Application of mass flowmeter in chemical industry, oil and gas-driven share continues to expand technology requirements, non-alternative trends

From the annual statistical data analysis, in 2012, the flowmeter type structure in China continue to quietly gradients, 0.9% increase in mass flow meter applications share further market share beyond Electromagnetic Flowmeter.

Order overall and segment market concentration in the TOP10, stable share float slightly

In 2012, the Chinese flowmeter and its pattern of market segments remained stable, Krohne, E+H Electromagnetic Flowmeter, Yokogawa continues to lead the market, Yokogawa, and one or two E+H ranking Vortex flowmeter, Emerson, E+H continues to mass flow in a leading position.

Growth came from the vendor, Emerson drive its more than 10% in the field of chemical, oil and gas and other fast-growing, most eye-catching; Krohne performed well from municipal water industry growth steady. Some happy, some worry, Yokogawa, “Diaoyu Islands” effect, anemic growth and E+H are micro-drop

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