60 Billion Yuan Profit of 2012 Insturment Industry in China

2012 is the many opportunities and challenges of China’s economic situation in the new historical period, and corresponding, instrument manufacturers in China have achieved stable and relatively fast growth of production and marketing. According to the data provided by the national statistical office, 2012, total industrial output value of 711.2 billion RMB, an increase of 20.16%; industrial sales value of 695.5 billion yuan, an increase of 20.21%; profits of 60 billion yuan, an increase of 14% 2012 industry imports 38.9 billion yuan, an increase of 7.5%; export of 21.95 billion yuan, an increase of 16.1%; import deficit remains huge, up to 17 billion yuan.

Comprehensive analysis of 2012 instruments industry is characterized by the following trends:

1, the industry entered a period of structural adjustment and opportunities for development. Entered a period of rapid increase in industry growth, favourable to structural adjustment and industrial upgrading. As industrial transformation and upgrading, and strategic implementation of new industry development planning, instrument manufacturers, will usher in a new development opportunity. Current industry structure presents a good trend, marked by: (1) industry sales increases greater than import growth; (2) the enterprise production and marketing rate of increase is greater than the “three-capital” increase; (3) the increase in export growth than imports; (4) the increase in new products and high-end products than the average product; (5) the system integration business growth is greater than the increase in manufacturing and services.

2, corporate benefits decline highlighted problems facing the industry. Different from the profit and sales growth in previous years, 2012 annual profit growth deviated from production and sales growth, profit growth more than 6 percentage points smaller than the increase in production and sales. Even if the business is a good tension is also generally reflect this year’s economic and financial situation. From the analysis of internal factors of enterprises, technological advancement and management to enhance the effectiveness of declining was not enough to offset weak demand, economies of scale and reduce profit caused by rising manpower costs mainly due to factors from external causes, the enterprise, always remain high is the universality of the receivable outstanding problems, made over a three-month volume of receivable in some enterprises, significant increase in the financial cost.

3, independent innovation, transformation and upgrading of industrial structural adjustment, enterprise efficiency and product structure adjustment key. More highlight of case has: (1) dispersed shaped control system past long-term by foreign company monopoly, by strongly organization research, 2012 is expected to throughout in the funding enterprise marketing will over foreign-funded enterprises, in market share Qian three name in the two is in the funding enterprise, foreign monopoly and led dispersed shaped control system of situation has change; (2) my optical instrument industry strengths one of of optical components industry in recent years adaptation market changes, for structure adjustment, large production smart phone lens, and scanner optical parts, new, and High added value devices, make optical instrument industry go drop for rose, export recovery normal; (3) in industrial automation area, will adaptation discrete industrial development, improve automation level, reduced artificial cost, control quality as structure adjustment of focus, after a time of efforts, backbone Enterprise gradually emerged, and launched has letter next-generation industrial smart sensor, level and abroad quite, is volume produced.

4, “two of the” awareness of the integration in General. Many high-tech hire foreign experts to guide product development and business management, its main elements involves “two” integration implementation. Companies recognize that “two” integration must start with strengthening production management, equipment, the production process of manufacturing Informationization and modernization of production pattern combination can improve product quality and reliability, with plenty of inventory delivery competition could be changed due to the inefficiency of the situation. Not only large enterprises have done it within the industry, small firms are motivated, there have been hundreds of small plants typical of plant-wide information management for two years, has drawn concerned attention.

5, To expand exports there is still potential to dig. Growth in exports is the only one better than the previous year’s index. In the international market is still sluggish, the Yuan appreciation, most cases referred to the years of double-digit growth, the export growth rate in the previous year rose 2%, achieved this performance is quite easy. Instrument industry a significant proportion of the export product has advantages in scale, industrial chain integrity, have a certain competitiveness in the international market, part of the upward trend in exports of high-end products and services. Industry efforts to expand exports, enhancing foreign cooperation as an important task to grasp firmly and well. As Abest’s exporting business development, Abest’s ultrasonic flow meters are well sold in many countries and areas. With powerful technology and distributing channel,Abest will continue to provide good products and service.

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