Hart to Modbus Gateway With Multi-drop Mode

Hart ModBus Converter With Multidrop Mode

Hart to Modbus gateway (also Hart to Modbus converter) is designed to transfer HART to Modbus for multi-devices by MCU.  The hart converter can connect up to 8 pcs of HART devices.The product transfer the most-used part of protocol.

Important notice: The product’s development is on the basis of MODBUS to transfer HART protocol instrument. This product will mainly transfer the most-used part of protocol,but can’t ensure can transfer all of HART instruments to MODBUS.

So if you are interested in the hart to modbus gateway, please contact us our technicians with your detailed application so that we can discuss the solution for your requirement. At present, the gateway has work well with pressure transmitter of FUJI,Honeywell’s,etc.

Technical Features:

1)One RS485 port

2)Baud rate1200/2400/4800/9600 optional. Odd,even optional.Default is 9600-NONE-8-1

3)HART instrument can read max 4 parameters,parameters type(default)

4)Hart instrument can be set by MODBUS

5)Modem with own address,the default is 10H. Instrument address is no sense for applicaiton.

6)Modem working way is to read data automatically. Time interval is 5S(Default)

Technical Specification:

1) Power supply: DC12-35V

2)Power consumption <2.0W

3)Power current<160mA

4)Automatically read data, the quickest response time is 0.3S.


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