Beijing hope more green

While Beijing’s capital GDP is lower than the world city level, Beijing shortly had the possibility to become “the low-carbon” the concept global leader, the expert said.

“We possibly have 30 to 40 years, in traditional industry’s disparity, tries to catch up and the world-class city, but we may in the identical competition starting line in the development low-carbon economy, “he says, national member committee’s Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. He is also has professor, Central Finance and economics University. He made the comments during the 2010 China International Low-Carbon Technology Summit in Dali, Yunnan province.

The complex of commercial space in Fengtai district will be retrofitted to follow green standards.
This will start in this year to operate and to display exemplary role in the nationwide scale, he said.

He supplements funds must invest in saving more related profession the like battery power supply automobile manufacture. It should also promote the energy efficiency, he said.

“But frankly speaks, these field’s chief obstacle is not mature the technology, the high cost of investment, but the profit is low, “he said.

He also said that 80% developed country scientific and technical payoffs can transform the commodity, but China only then 5% will innovate to have such repayment.

“If the government announces the preferential policy and the investment, help more the new environmental product, we will possibly bring technical in future revolution, “he said

Some experts at the forum said energy consumption and pollution were the major
obstacles for a low-carbon city. Official figures showed the Beijing city has almost 4.2 million vehicles on its roads.
A light electrical vehicle’s energy consumption accounts for one-sixth of a motorbike and one-twelfth of a mini car, so such vehicles can be called almost ‘zero emission’. Besides suffering through exhaust emissions, residents of large cities face traffic jams,” said Hu Gang, a spokesman for the leading electric vehicle maker Xinri, a supplier to the Shanghai World Expo. “They can get more convenience and enjoy environmentally friendly lives by riding electric bicycles.”

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