Big loss caused by water pollution

Water pollution influences industrial production, enlarge corrosion of device, and impact on product quality, even can make production stop. Water pollution affects people’s lives, and destruction of ecology, directly endangering human health, thus it is very harmful, which are highly contaminated bubble.

After healthy water is polluted, contaminant go into people’s bodies by water or the food chain.It will make people acute or chronic poisoning and even cause cancer. If healthy water is polluted by parasite, viruses or other pathogenic bacterium, people will be caused many kinds of infections and parasitic diseases. If healthy water is polluted by heavy metal, people’s health will be harmed.

If water used by industrial and agricultural production is polluted, people need to throw more processing industrial water expenses. It caused the waste of energy and resources. The request of water used by food industry is more strict. If water quality is nonconforming, production will be fored to delay. It is important factor of poor economic profits and poor quality. If agricultural production uses polluted water, it will cause crop reduction, product quality reduction. Even human and animals will be also harmed, large areas of farmland are polluted, soil quality is reduced. The consequences of sea pollution is very serious too. For example, oil pollution will cause seabirds and sea animals to die.

When eutrophication of water body is in normal circumstances, the oxygen will have a certain degree of solubility in water. Dissolved oxygen is important term that sea animals can live. It will facilitate contaminants translocation and distribution that is important for natural waters to self clean. But living sewage containing plenty of nitrogen, phosphor and potassium are discharged, plenty of organism degradate nutrient element in the water that will facilitate algae and plants to grow quickly, and make water poorly aerated, reduce dissolved oxygen, evev cause no Oxygen. As a result, many water plants will die, and water release bad odor. This kind of water quality becomes very poor. The water can’t be directly used. And many fish will die.

Thus, it is necessary to monitor water flow quality.

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