New technology for environment in Shanghai World Expo

In the World Expo of shanghai, people can find that the newest environmental values, science and technology, practical cases Illustrate great achievement of science and technology progresses from different perspectives and guide development path of the future city.
More Green Future Cities

Environmental awareness, green, low carbon is not just a fashionable watchword, it is a necessary way of sustainable development for human in the earth, and low carbon World Expo is one of the goals of the World Expo.The Solar-power has been the largest used green energy in the World Expo of shanghai.
World Export also draw in Huangpu Jiang water for cooling purpose, the heated water is discharged into Huangpu Jiang.

Digital City Let Everything Interactive

In State grid exhibition hall, SMS message by mobile phone can control washing machine. In Japanese pavilion, people can use their hands to touch a huge wall for watching TV, playing games, gathering photo album and so on.

Water- Source of Cities

Switzerland city pavilion quite unique due to water resources management. Basel, Geneva, Zurich , the three cities show the experience of continuously use and manage Switzerland water supplies.
Basel is an old city lying to the River Rhine. In the middle of 20th century,  the discharge of life wastewater, more potent venom waste and industrial waste caused River Rhine pollution the most serious in the history. In this backgrounds, Switzerland agreed with the first water protection law draft that took effect in 1957. From that time, sewer line of every family in city was linked together with the sewage plant, water quality improved remarkably. Basel pharmaceutical industry and chemical industry provided astronomical sums of money for wastewater treatment. It ended some manufacturing field of high-polluting and transfer to enhance the field of researching, developing and managing. Now, the River Rhine becomes a primary source of drinking water.
Thanks to smart, innovative district sewage purification and treatment system. Every fountain in Zurich can provide fresh drinking water. In Geneva, protecting Geneva community was set up in 1980, whose goal is coordinating public in sewage treatment. Now in Geneva, we almost find no toxic substance in the Lake Geneva. Most of natives and companies take the Lake Geneva as their main water source. The living wastewater of 99.4% of population is linked together with the sewage plant.

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