Introduction principles of water purifying

As the human being development become more and more advanced, the environment pollution has been more and more serious, especially water pollution. In order to ensure the healthy of people and safety of drinking water, the concept of water purifying has been up and a hot topic, thus, also followed by various water purifying technology.

Water purifying means to utilize water purifying technology to get rid of plenty of organic intergradient, heavy metal ion, detrimental impurity and bacteria, and reserve helpful trace elements to human body. After treatment, water will be clean, sweet, full of oxygen and drinking directly.

Purified water: Utilize normal hyperfiltration technology to get rid of organic intergradient, inorganic intergradient, heavy metal ion, detrimental impurity, bacteria, minerals, then make water drunk directly.

Microfiltration: Filtration accuracy is 0.03-15um.It is a film process of mesh structure filtrating propelled by static pressure.

Ultrafiltration: The filtration accuracy lies between microfiltration and nanofiltration, its range is 0.002um-0.1um. It use pressure difference technology to get rid of the detrimental mineral, including iron rusty, silt, bacteria, etc, keep helpful things to human body by make water flow from higher pressure side to lower pressure side. The technology is core part of mineral water producing line.

Nanofiltration: The filtration lies between ultrafiltration and hyperfiltration. It has a feature of high removing ratio of specific solute which is mainly 1 nm grain, even though under very low pressure. The technology is usually used to remove Ca,Mg, peculiar smell, chromaticity, pesticide, synthetic detergent, solubility organics and evaporation residuum. Its major application field is to soften high hardness water and desalt.

Hyberfiltration: Hyberfiltration technology is initially developed for outer space, it is high accuracy film separation technology by pressure difference. Its accuracy is 0.0001um. From theoretically speaking, it can remove all of impurity (including detrimental and helpful) and only keep hydrone. The technology is usually applied in purify water, industry ultrapure water and medicine ultrapure water. By controlling system, pressure need to be added for origin water to wash Hyberfiltration film so as to improve life of the film.

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