SD Data Logger Ultrasonic Flowmeter/Heat Meter

From 512M to 8G available,now the default is 2G.

The SD memeroy data logger is specially designed for Abest’s transit-time series ultrasonic flow meters. Users can order it if have such request. The SD data logger will record data outputed by the internal SerBUS port of ultrasonic flow meters as customers’ setting. Please kindly note if a thermal printer have been already connected to the SerBUS port of ultrasonic flow meters, users need to built a power switch to control the printer. By this controlling, it can avoid printing out all of the data sent to¬† the SD data logger.

The SD data logger doesn’t need special external power supply, and it steals 3.3VDC power from the ultrasonic flow meters.

The SD data logger mainly include the following items,

1)A data logger processing unit

2)A SD flash memory card

3)A triple-core connection wire

4) A SD flash memory card reader

The detailed setting for the data logger

Users need to make the following setting so that to make the SD data logger working properly

1) Set what data to be recorded in window menu M50

2)Set start time,interval time and recording times of data logger in winow menu M51. If input start time **.**.** in M51, it means the data will be recored at once. If input recording times of 9999, it will means the ultrasonic flow meters will output data without stop.

3). Set the data recording direction,and should select ‘Send Data To Internal SerBus’,then the data will recored in the SD data logger.

Please kinly note not each type of ABEST’s ultrasonic flowmeter can be used with the SD data logger, so please kindly check with us if you have such request.

Working process expression

After¬†connecting to the SerBUS port and making the setting above, a file name of PRIN.TXT will be created automatically by the SD data logger process unit. If the name file has been existed in the data logger, the processing unti won’t overwrite it, and just append the new data entries to the existing file.So the user should delete the existed file of PRINT.TXT by using PC in order to make full use of the storing space of the SD memory.

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