Knowledge about pretreatment of Water

What is the pretreatment of water?

Pretreatment of water is fine to deal with in the water before the initial pre- processing, in order to deal with water when the essence of good results, improvement in water quality. Because the nature of water has a large number of impurities, such as silt, clay, organic matter, microorganisms, such as mechanical impurities. The existence of these impurities seriously affect water quality and refined treatment and must be dealt with in the sperm prior to the reduction or removal of some impurities, which requires pre-treatment, sometimes also known as pre-treatment.

What are the main methods of pre-treatment?

A lot of pre-treatment methods, there are filtration, coagulation, clarification, softening, disinfection, pre-Shen, etc. After pretreatment with these methods, you can water the suspended solids (turbidity), color, colloidal matter, organic matter, iron, manganese, temporary hardness, microorganisms, volatile substances, such as dissolved gas to remove impurities or reduced to a certain degree of extent.

Filtering water will be handled by devices equipped with special filter materials, such as the various filter and so on, retain water impurities, be removed.

Coagulation using ferric, aluminum, polymer, such as coagulant, and the impurities in the water through the flocculation and bridging to form large particles of sediment, and then through other devices such as clarifiers, filter pools, etc., be removed.

Coagulant to clarify the role through the formation of large particles and sediment in the tanks to clarify the separation of sediment removed, water is clarified.

Softening by chemical agents, such as lime water soda powder to remove the water hardness bicarbonate; or using methods such as cation exchange resin to remove water calcium, magnesium, iron ions, this process is known as softening.

Disinfection by adding biocides, such as liquid chlorine, bleaching powder, etc., is used to kill micro-organisms in the water.

Pre-Shen is a large capacity, low flow rate to deal with natural precipitation, such as settling ponds, pre-sedimentation tank.

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