Electromagnetic VS Ultrasonic in Flow Measurement

Flow meter is the most important flow measurement device in water and oil industry.For water company, flow meter is especially very important. For example, for ration rate addition in medicine industry,the accuracy of flow meters is absolutely necessary.If the accuracy is not good, it will influence the water quality,even may influence the safety and healthy of people.

At present, there are various kinds of flow meters,e.g. positive displacement flow meters,turbine flow meters,vortex flow meter,differential pressure type flowmeter,open channel flow meters,ultrasonic flow meter,electromagnetic flow meter,mass flow meters,etc. According to incomplete statistics, in water industry, ultrasonic flow meters and electromagnetic flow meters take over 85% of market. And ultrasonic flow meters have witness the more growth as electronic development.

The following are main features of ultrasonic flow meters and electromagnetic flow meters:

Electromagnetic flow meters:

1)Higher accuracy

2)Price is higher. Higher, bigger

3)The liquid medium need to meet certain conductivity.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter:

1.No moving parts, no pressure loss

2.Clamp-on measurement,no need to cut pipe

3.Have a good cost-effective

4. Easy to install, no need to stop flow

Many man think electromagnetic flow meters also have a non-contact working way,or think magnetic flow meters have a lower request to straight pipe installing section. The thought is wrong.

In actual using, ultrasonic flow meters can get the accuracy of 5%. The many good features of ultrasonic flow meters will make it gain more and more growth in the near future.

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