Ultrasonic Flow Meters Selected by A Water Company

For water company flow measurement, it is very complicated.The whole pipe size may need to cover range of DN25-DN2000mm.

In the past, NANCHANG water company uses turbine flow meters as their flow meters for many pipe size, but as some years passed, the accuracy of turbine flow meters are very poor and can’t meet the technical request. So the company decides to replace new flow meters with advanced technology. And ultrasonic flow meters and electromagnetic flow meters are their first consideration. Then, Abest’s engineers are invited to check the spot condition with Abest’s ultrasonic flow meters.

For average liquid or clean water pipelines or big pipe size pipes, we recommend using ultrasonic flow meters. For very dirty water, we recommend using electromagnetic flow meters. The whole solution has a comprehensive consideration in price and technical request.The company company are very satisfactory with our solution. For example, we have full range of ultrasonic flow meters,including inline ultrasonic flow meter,insertion ultrasonic fowmeters, and clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters. If pipe is carbon steel and used for several years, there will be heavy rusted inner layer, so we recommend to use inline ultrasonic flow meters(below DN200mm) and insertion ultrasonic flow meters  (over DN150mm).

In order to have daily flow checking and survey, users also buy handheld portable ultrasonic flow meters and standard portable flow meters with built-in printer.

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