Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge AU8510

AU8510 ultrasonic thickness gauge

AU8510 ultrasonic thickness gauge utilizes ultrasonic principle, and made with intelligent micro processor. With compact size body, the ultrasonic thickness gauge is easy to hold by hand. The thickness gauge can provide quick, easy and precise NDT measurement for wall thickness.

AU8510 ultrasonic thickness gauge has been widely used in various of industries for measurement of different hardware or parts. For the application, it can be used for metal processing, pipe wall thickness gauge, commercial inspection,etc. With high cost-effective, the ultrasonic thickness gauge has been the popular selling item.

Range of Application

AU8510 ultrasonic thickness gauge can measure material that have good ultrasound conductor, e.g. metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, etc. But the thickness gauge is not suitable for cast iron because of its big crystalloid composition.


Resolution: 0.1mm
Measurement range: 1.2-225.0mm(steel)
Minimum limit for tube measuring: D20*3mm(steel),here D is diameter of tube
Accuracy:+/-(1%H+0.1)mm, H is determined by the measured thickness value
when the given thickness over 20mm, the accuracy is +/-1%; when less than 20mm, the accuracy is +/-5%.
Operation temperature:0 to +40 oC
Power Supply: 3 pcs 1.5V AAA Battery
Power Consumption: <0.54 W (with back light on)
Standard Package:
Main conversion unit
D10 Transducer ( 5MHz )
Ultrasonic Couplant
Sample Block:4mm 303 stainless steel
Leather Case Cover
Carrying Case

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