Ultrasonic Heat Meter Discontinued

Ultrasonic Heat Meter for DN15-DN40mm


Ultrasonic heat meter is developed on the basis of ultrasonic water flow meter and utilizes ultrasonic transit-time principle.Ultrasonic heat meter inherits many goods advantages from ultrasonic water flow meters: no moving parts,no pressure loss,digital display,M-BUS protocol,wide flow measurement range,sensitive to low flow,etc.

Ultrasonic heat meter is mainly consisted of three parts: flow computing part(converter),PT1000 resistors,flow transducers(probe).Firstly, flow converter will be calibrated with flow transducers to ensure the performance of flow rate and flow velocity. Then two pcs of PT1000 resistors will need to be calibrated to ensure the accuracy of temperature difference on water return/flow pipes. Finally, water flow meter and PT1000 resistors also need to be calibrated to ensure the accuracy of heat energy.

Our ultrasonic heat meter can support M-BUS protocol by RS485 port for heat meter network management or use MHz433 radio frequency to make wireless reading. The heat meter also support infrared photoelectricity port for direct reading by operator.

Technical Features:

1.Converter of ultrasonic flow meter: patent technology design ensure a good quality.Use the low power consumption MSP430 to develop.

2.Base meter part of ultrasonic heat meter: This refers to body part made by good quality brass.The inside reflector holder and plate introduces the good materials from world famous company, which can ensure durability of ultrasonic heat meter.

3. Instrument enclosure: Introduces reinforced nylon to the contact segment of the enclosure and base meter body,which can ensure nondeformed under high temperature. The bottom cover uses excellent ABS material,and the transparent part uses good quality PC material.

4.Temperature sensors: The temperature sensors is PT resistor, and the specification is PT1000.Our PT1000 is strictly calibrated to ensure a good accuracy.

Technical Specification:
1) Accuracy: 2 or 3 class
2)Display digits: 8 digits
3)Flow rate unit:m3
4)Heat energy unit: kWh
5)Temperature sensor:PT1000
6)Temperature resolution:0.01 Deg.C
7)Temperature range: 4-95 Deg.C
8)Temperature difference range:3-75 Deg.C
9)Heat energy calculation: Start from 0.25K
10)Enviromental temperature: -5 to 55 Deg.C
11)Working pressure:1.6Mpa
12)Protection class: IP65
13)Data storing: 18 months data
14)Battery power supply
15)Battery life>=6years
16)Communication way: RS485(M-BUS),photoelectricity port. Mhz 433 RF can be optional.


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