The Smallest Ultrasonic Transducer In the World

Researchers from Britain said they had developed the smallest ultrasonic sensor in the world.The ultrasonic sensor is so small and tiny that it can be in queue on a tiny hair.The research product will be widely used to explore inner part of cells and other microscopic world.

A news released from he University of Nottingham said that their optics reseach group have developed the micro ultrasonic transducers. It is much smaller than the existing ultrasonic transducers. Such 500 pcs of ultrasonic transducers can reach the length of width of a hair.The ultrasonic transducers both have ultrasound feature and optical feature. When it feels ultrasound,it will transform slightly.This transformation can be gained by laser which is used to irradiate it.By this,it can gain information of ultrasound.By contrast, if send a laser pulse to it,it can send ultrasound to detect the target thing.

Researcher also said nanometer technology brings the request to micro ultrasonic transducers and new device developed by them can be used to check the inner struction of cell,which will provide valued physiology information which is difficult to get.

Moreover,the ultrasonic transducers have a high resoltuion.So It can use the sound waves beyond the frequency of visible light frequency, so in theory than it can gain the best optical microscope and clear images.

Ultrasonic transducers have been widely in life and manufacturing.For example,Abest’s ultrasonic flow meters will need ultrasonic transducers. Ultrasonic heat meter,ultrasonic thickness gauge,ultrasonic water meter,ultrasonic depth meter,ultrasonic level meter,ultrasonic cable height meter,etc are all need to use ultrasonic transducers.

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