Water Pump Pressure Switch Controller


                Water Pump Pressure Switch Controller

                    Advanced Photoelectric Pressure Controlling Technology


Technical features

1)Freely and easily set pressure contact point of upper/down limit for precise control
2)No pressure tank needed in the application of household pump (normal circumstances) while use the water pump pressure controller.
3)Buffer movement design of pressure switch can prevent water pump ON/OFF too frequently,which can protect eletrical motor of pump
4)Comparing with traditional pressure product, the pressure switch works very stably, and there is almost no problem of out of control.
5)Batter water-proof class of IP65,preclude the problem of leaking in mechanical pressure switch.
6)PCB control, longer using life
7)Without pressure tant, the pressure switch can control ON/OFF stably, no frequent breaking. With a pressure, it will have a better performance.
8)Can be used in many rugged application,e.g.controlling of submersible pump,pump controlling below pressure range(need special technician),etc.
9)Can accurately watch the working status by checking the front side of pressure switch, this can help to find the leakage and blocking of water pump.
10)With advanced photoelectric pressure controlling technology,there is no frequent ON/OFF problem existing in traditional mechnical pressure switches, and can protect pump and prolong the using life of water pump

Product Description

The water pump pressure switch is our patented product of water pump pressure controler in China.It utilizes photoelectric pressure controlling technology and mainly combined of two parts, one is face upper part, which is comprised by high-performance pressure meter, photoelectric sensors,upper/down limit adjusting wheel gear and thread screw connection, the
other is down part, which is comprised by precise wiring PCB, high current single contact relay and power wiring.The two parts are separated, and the whole body reaches protection class of IP65.

Comparing with common pump pressure switches or pump pressure controllors, the life and using times are much longer and have a very high cost-effective.

Techical Specification
1)Pressure measuring range(optional):0-1.6KG, 0-4KG, 0-6KG, 0-10KG, 0-16KG…(Max range: 0-400KG)
2)Adjusting range: Max 75% of pressure full range
3)Max current load: general type 20A, special making for 30A.
4)Working current: Max 10A
5)Rated power consumption of motor: general within 1.5KW,special making within 2.2KW.
6)Working volrate:220VAC
7)Wiring standard: 0.5-1mm generally(can make as request)
8)PCB process: SMT
9)PCB life: 3 years
10)Life of pressure switch: not lower than 136,000.00 times ON/OFF
11)Life of relay:not lower than 140,000.00 times ON/OFF
12)Life of Photoelectric sensor: over 1,000,000.00 times
13)Life of the whole body: not lower than 136,000.00 times ON/OFF
14)Period of relay ON/OFF: Min 1second/time
15)Temperature range:-20℃ to 120℃
16)Connection: NPT outer 1/4″,outer 1/2″, inner 3/8″
17)Control way: ON-OFF or ON-OFF signal
18)Protection class: IP65

Before order, users need to confirm the follow question:

1.Pressure range

2.Connecting way or standard

3.Rated power consumption of motor

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