Ultrasonic flowmeter replacing electromagnetic flowmeter


One big water company asked us to provide proper solution for existing pipes flow measurement. The pipes are from DN100 to DN2000mm.The water resource is mainly from several rivers. And the pipe lines have been used for several years, and most of pipes are partly buried into earth.

The former flow meters for these pipes are electromagnetic flow meters,but after several years using, most of electromagnetic flow meters have poor performance, even some flowmeters are bad. If replacing new electromagnetic flow meters,especially for big size electromagnetic flow meters,it will be very trouble and will cost much in money and time.


In order to meet the special request, we recommend our serial ultrasonic flow meters,mainly including handheld portable flow meter and wall mounted clamp on flow meter.For several poor condition pipes, we suggest to use insertion ultrasonic flow transducers. With our hot-tap installing tools, the insertion ultrasonic flow meter can be installed without flow stop when pipe pressure is below 0.8MPa.


Handheld Portable ultrasonic flow meter is used to flow survery,flow check and flow comparison.Handheld portable flow meter is battery powered and has a built-in data logger which can record data. Ultraflow data logger software is available for data furthing processing.


Wall mounted ultrasonic flow meter is used for long-term flow measurement.It has vertasile function to meet different communication request. A SD data logger is vailable upon request.

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